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New project

2011-03-02 11:05:48 by IbbsWorld

Hey Newgrounders!

I am working on something big, called Bamboo, with other Collabarators and voice actors and stuff.

Since I have to work on it now, I cant tell you anything about it.

Yeah, it's top secret stuff :)

I would post more stuff, but I really have to work on it because if it dosent reach the deadline, then i'm dead (I wont bother telling you that there is no deadline :P )

I'll post more when it's at the point of completion so for now,

See ya!


New project

My first hate mail

2010-09-29 11:47:58 by IbbsWorld

Hey guys, I just recived my first Hate Mail message! Yay?....

Well I wrote a comment on doodle god saying it was a great game and saying that Beast and Golem are different and some idiot thought it was offensive. And he lied by saying I voted 4/10 and I voted it 10/10 Wth?

Here is the message the fool wrote me:

and the game deserves alot more than 4
I hate you and I hope you die. You dont know anything about flash either.
How do you like hate mail NOOB IDIOT HAHAHA!"


P.S I will not disclose his/her name at this time. And stuff.

A short

2010-09-23 06:22:29 by IbbsWorld

Just a short post - The Best Thing In Ng!! is a new animation I made, check it out. By the way check out my other posts.

Right now Super Hillarious Ingenious toon is 987 frames! Woohoo! I am going to see if I can get it to over 2000 frames! Yay! Though it is in draft at the moment so it isnt the real thing yet. I am adding a picture of one of the draft scenes for your enjoyment.

Here is my website where you can see Pencil Tales (cuz it is blammed) and do some other stuff. ndex.html

Super Hilarious Ingenious Toon is underway!

Making a new flash!

2010-09-22 10:50:25 by IbbsWorld

I am making a new flash called Super Hilarious Ingenious Toon! And it has sound effects music etc. So it wont be as rubbish as pencil tales, I promise! Good bye!

Pencil Tales got blammed

2010-09-22 10:29:18 by IbbsWorld

Read the title. Well I expected it to get blammed, it was my first animation but I thought it would at least last a week. Ah well. At least someone liked it (Omegared)!

I am going to make a game in around a week.
Thats all.