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Entry #6

New project

2011-03-02 11:05:48 by IbbsWorld

Hey Newgrounders!

I am working on something big, called Bamboo, with other Collabarators and voice actors and stuff.

Since I have to work on it now, I cant tell you anything about it.

Yeah, it's top secret stuff :)

I would post more stuff, but I really have to work on it because if it dosent reach the deadline, then i'm dead (I wont bother telling you that there is no deadline :P )

I'll post more when it's at the point of completion so for now,

See ya!


New project


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2011-03-02 11:27:13


Pencil tales wuz actully quite gud and I am excited 2 C dis.

Colabritive stuf is always gud! (Apart from crapy strawbery clok)


2011-03-04 13:55:03

Good, maybe it'll get through the portal for once.

also at uf101 strawberry clock is awesome so go fuck a lamp post.


2011-03-04 15:36:11

Hey Nomaron, go eat a grilled dick sandwich you faggot.

I did a bit of serchin and saw teh coments u posted for Ibbsworld.

I touht u hated him!?

U hav multiple persinality disorder or summin?

Answer me so I can c how gay u are lolz.


2011-03-11 12:29:11

O hay luk i r ufoonezeroone adn i r lolz the splel crapy bcuz i r 8 yers old lololololol.

Pretty much perfect impression of you. You do realise that i was actually being HATEFUL by saying that, dont you?


2011-12-09 16:13:22

After playing 'Falcon punch teh mudkipz' I lost the will to continue living in this world. Go easy on the memes conceived roughly around the same time you were.